18 May 2010

Mini tutorial : bookmark

Happy Teacher's Day!
I created these bookmarks special for dd's teachers.
Hope the teachers will make a good use of it.

Here is how to :
  1. Pattern paper (prefer the thick pp), flowers,buttons,ribbon,glue,scissors and your choice of embellishemnt.
  2. cut 3x8 as many as you wish to make the bookmark
  3. ink the edges of you wish to add some dimension
  4. sew the flower and button then attach the ribbon behind it.
  5. flip the pp and glue it. the reason is to hide the sew and ribbon.
  6. behind of the bookmark
  7. now embelish as you wish.
Just a silly tutorial from me...
Thanks so much for dropping by!
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16 May 2010

Scrapbook on canvas

Today between chores & kids I manage to slip into my studio a few times and finish these canvases.
The size is 6x12. One of my missions this year, if I buy anything new I promise to scrap it right away. The canvases I bought last week so do the Bo bunny pp. The paper kinda cute! This project is kinda hybrid scrapbook. Printed pics with brushes then added words strips,some glitter,ribbon,buttons (always be my fav), acrylic and finish. Same design to all canvases.
I started this project to fill up empty wall on my living hall. Not like my studio which full of stuff, my living hall is minimalist. Now im going to throw some color and art into it. I think its going to be fun and memorable wall.
Thanks for dropping by!

12 May 2010

Mother's Day gifts

I made these picture frames for two important person in my life. Mom and little sister.
Hope they like it.
Not much going on here just Basic Grey on cardboard (recycle of course),a few layer of pp.
Inked on edges...all of it.
A few embellishments and here it goes.......

Thanks so much for dropping by.
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08 May 2010

Simply Ida – my express scrapping recipe

 I need some place to jot down my note and I think if I put into my blog it’s easy for me to refer back. I edited the Simply Ida and here it is.

My express scrapping recipe “Simply Ida”
1.    I start with photo, what story I want to share. Most of the time I scrap about our daily life and things that matter. Sometimes I like to show my feeling.
2.    From the photo I write down the journal, I used picasa and journal direct into it. Sometimes during this stage I choose the title but sometimes I wait till I'm ready to scrap.
3.    How many photos to use? Open the favorite scrapbook sketch site & choose the sketch that showing no. of photos I wanted to scrap.
4.    Choose a color combo from the photo or color wheel. Choose up to 4 colors.(do checkout some site offer the color combo)
5.    Print the photo and gather the background paper and embellishment according to color choose in step 4, this is the kit. For temporary storage keep inside 12x12 file/album or just use paperclip to bind them together.
6.    The page is ready to scrap………………

The key is don’t wasting too much time thinking. I wasted 2 days to create only 3 layouts without proper plan and with this plan + time allocate I manage to scrap 12 layouts in 5 ½ hours. (average 30 minutes per lo)

This formula works for me and I do hope it can benefit others too…..
happy scrapping!

edited - if someone interested about this and want to put into you blog just let me know, I'll provide the html.if not its okay, we have different way to scrap. Love to know how is your flow....

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06 May 2010

Chronology of my trimmer

Zision is my 1st trimmer and I love it so much. Now I use it as a scoring since I'm running out of it blade.

Fiskar is the stock I have when I opened an online store a few years back. At first I like it but when it come to straight line, it never does and 12x12 never fit to it cutter. I think the measurement out by 1or2mm. Still I used it for a long time since I have a lot of extra blade.

Yesterday I bought a new one, just a gift for myself as I manage to get back into scrapping world. It’s a little expensive from above trimmer. Haven’t try it yet…I think she is a good trimmer…isn’t you Cutterpede?

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04 May 2010

Simply Ida

NSD is over…..can’t wait for another online crop.
I made total 15 layouts for this NSD. Personal record is yesterday when I make 12 layout within 5 ½ hours. I have to think fast and limit 30 minutes for each layout. With this formula I can do it again for next time. I called it “Simply  Ida” scrap formula. (haha)

  1. photos (what story/expression you want to tell)
  2. journaling
  3. sketch
  4. color combo
  5. make a kits (choose pp & embellishment base on color combo, sketch & story to tell)
  6. I keep inside 12x12 album until I ready to scrap.

My process during 2010 NSD ( I devoted one day for this)
List down challenge to do
Print photo
Choose color & sketch
And at night I sit down in front of TV and fill in the album with photo + pp + embellishment
Next day I just scrap whatever inside the folder one by one and limit myself 30 minutes each. Sometimes I made lo for 15minutes.
After finish the lo I snap the picture and keep the finish.
When all the lo’s finish I upload the pictures and begin to submit into the challenge site.
Now clean up the scraproom (which I didn’t because I need to working today…so my scraproom in a huge mess but I feel so satisfy with the result)

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03 May 2010

You're strong

Last layout for today.
Tomorrow I plan to do plenty lo's.
For this lo I made my own flower using cardstock,stamp,embossed,punched and attach with brad.
Any questions are welcome...

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02 May 2010

Innocence Face

Another layout I made last night after came back from a birthday party.
I love when Irees make this innocence face especially when she did something naughty.

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01 May 2010

Dont disturb!

the 2nd lo
I scrap darn slow...in 12 hours I only finish 2 lo's
page about Little Irees and tissue box

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a story

My very 1st lo for 2010 NSD.
Im using hand crafted rubber stamp made by Manggis.
A layout about Irees and the book.
TFL and Happy InterNSD 2010

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