18 June 2010

2010 Studio

2010 Studio, originally uploaded by richyreens.

This is my studio, nothing special in here but this is the place when I want to get creative aka release tension.
Most of the storage are inexpensive. I asked dh to keep an empty bottle and a milk can so I can use it for storage.
Still a lot of stuff to do inside this studio for example labelling, declutter, and keep it simple as possible.
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day!

05 June 2010

Elastic Charm Bookmark

These elastic bookmark is a hit at my office and thinking to share it here.
What I love, it wont fall if my little one accidently drop the book.
Selling for RM10/5pcs (USD3/5pcs)
You can choose what is your preference theme (fruit,animal,cat,heart, or just surprise me)
This bookmark is very good as a gift especially for booklovers. ( I can send direct to them if you want too)

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