10 July 2011

Oh Deer!

Simple deer silhouette brooches.
These suppose to be prototype but duh! I'm busy and I made it for birthday gifts.
Its not so neat I agreed....
I just hope the girls like it.....

09 July 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party


We’re celebrating our little girl 2nd birthday with Mickey Mouse theme last month. Irees loves Mickey Mouse so much and I decided to do a Mickey theme.

Here’s is some photos and info if you plan for the same birthday theme.


I found these Minnie headbands at dollar store near Jusco Cheras Selatan. The price is only rm1.90. If only I found it before I made these headbands….so save time and go to dollar store as mentioned.



48 cupcakes with two different flavor ordered from Bee Rusk. This is the first the owner, Maria made the cheese topping. I love cheese and I want it….. to my surprise (and Maria too) the taste is damn good. Maria bakes a very tasty chocolate flavor.

candy bar

This blue Mickey wrapping paper I bought at Ikano party shop. I wrap the candy bar and put on dessert table.



Row of balloons, I just slip between the table. Jars contain candy…lots of candy.


Perfect for photo background…grab it from Party Shop in Ikano.


Alphabet pasta…the kids love it. One of the menu ..


This cute cup bought from Toys R Us…the candy from candy store nearby Jalan Ampang n HS Lee


Balloons from Toys R Us….. love it


Marshmallow and gummy. Just pour into glass and stick some for deco…..


Prepare cold sandwich a night before. My simple sandwich – cheese, cold cut chicken and mayo.


Special cake ….small and simple to complete the birthday theme. Ordered from The Bakers.


Party pack consist candy,chocolate,mickey’s batch, mickey’s watch, sunglasses and headband(they wear it straight away).

The party over and im glad with all the hard work and never ending searching here and there…..the party is success and quests are happy…..