30 November 2007


is DH birthday, I made a surprise gift for him and really hope he will like it. This is a real challenge for me.

29 November 2007

28 November 2007

26 November 2007

Fundamental Principles of Design

FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES (by Thomas Rubick, Graphic Design I, Lane Community College 2001) The fundamental principles of design are important for two reasons. One, they can help us create aesthetically pleasing compositions and two, they can help us create designs that enhance the messages we are communicating. Below are definitions of key terms. The illustrations are intended to demonstrate the principle but they represent only a few of the possible solutions
  • DESIGN PRINCIPLES BALANCE: An optical equilibrium between all parts of a design.
  • COMPOSITION: A putting together of parts to make a whole. Just as there are rules to language, there are rules to composition. Here are some of them:
1. Avoid placing elements dead center on the page.
2. Symmetry tends to promote stability.
3. Diagonals are more active than horizontals.
4. Proximity creates tension.
5. Sameness is frequently boring.
6. Regularity creates rhythm.
7. Contrast exaggerates effect.
8. Placement in corners creates awkward tension.
9. Equal amounts of figure and ground confuse the eye.
  • CONTRAST: The use of polarities of size, shape, tone, color, texture or direction to create interest and meaning. Contrast clarifies and heightens the existing effect. It is used to draw attention to an area and to provide stability and clarity.
  • DIRECTION: In Western cultures, left-to-right movement is considered progressive, easy and natural. Right-to-left movement is considered difficult and backwards. Similarly, the right is often considered *good* and the left, *bad.*
  • ECONOMY: The principle of using no more than necessary in a composition. As Einstein wrote, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
  • EMPHASIS: The creation of a dominant focal point in the composition. Such elements attract attention and establish the beginning of a visual hierarchy.
  • FIGURE/GROUND: The relationship between a mark on a page (the figure or positive area) and its background (the ground or negative area). It is important to understand that the negative areas in a composition are very important, sometimes even more so than the positive ones.
  • FORMAL BALANCE: (Also known as symmetrical balance) The use of elements of equal visual weight on both sides of a central vertical axis.
  • HARMONY: A pleasant and compatible relationship between the parts of a composition. Harmony is established by using design elements with common attributes (color, shape, texture, etc.)
  • HIERARCHY: The presentation of various elements in such a way that it is clear which is the most important, the next most important, and so on. Hierarchy can be established through position, form, contrast, color etc.
  • INFORMAL BALANCE: (Also known as asymmetrical balance.) Balance achieved by careful consideration of visual weights and space in a composition. Principles for achieving formal balance include:
1. A large shape in one corner is balanced by a smaller one in the opposite corner.
2. *White space* itself has visual weight and can affect the balance.
  • MOVEMENT: The sequence or path the eye takes through the composition. In Western cultures, a left-to-right, top-to-bottom movement is the most natural. Movement also follows the visual hierarchy established on the page. Confused movement can scare a viewer away from the design. Other advice concerning movement:
1. Good movement starts with a strong focal point.
2. Good movement keeps the eye within the frame of the design.
3. Avoid movement that crisscrosses back and forth.
  • ORIENTATION: In design, different orientations convey different messages. A horizontal shape or frame signals stability. A vertical orientation can be inspiring, elegant or uplifting. Diagonals seem more dynamic and energetic.
  • PROPORTION: (Or ratio.) The relationship, sometimes conveyed in mathematical terms, between the elements in a design or between the height and width of the page itself. 1. Certain proportions (such as 1:1) are considered uninteresting. 2. Proportions in the 1:1.5 to 2 range have traditionally been considered most pleasing. 3. Pushing the proportions further, however, can create interesting contrasts.
  • TENSION: Visual tension is dynamic opposition of formal elements. The opposite of harmony, it often involves the compression of space and/or the use of diagonals.
  • UNITY: The arrangement of the parts of a composition into a whole. It often includes careful attention to hierarchy, rhythm and balance. Methods of establishing unity include:
1. Overlapping
2. Use of an underlying grid stucture
3. An odd, rather than even, number of shapes in the design (3 and 5 especially)
  • VECTOR: An element in the composition that serves as a directional signal for the viewer, telling him or her where to look. Often this is an arrow-like shape. Other times it can be the direction a person is looking or facing.
VISUAL WEIGHT: Elements on a page will differ in how much they attract the eye depending on their (1) tone, (2) shape, (3) texture, (4) color, and (5) position.

Fresh new photos

Mahal woo...wa sampai kena marah dgn org itu...45sen each and no index print.
Takpe janji wa dah dpt gambar2 ini dah lepas ni kena puasa...boleh kurus sikit.
(being a scrapper means less food but more pics) lol

24 November 2007

Thank you to my wonderful friends

1. Yatie
for a wonderful online crop.....Terima Kasih Cikgu.....

2. BB & Kuntum for coming over my little place

3. Peggy for a wonderful RAK

Isn't being a scrapper nice thing happen to you?

23 November 2007

2008 Planner

I plan to make my own planner from scratch.
Well first timer need to lift.....a few links I found while googling

Will choose when the times comes :-

1. scrappinlindz

and im eyeing another one of hers

2. hhers

oh boy I found a cool website http://www.diyplanner.com/

3. arwen1616

by arwen1616

4. http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1064458&f=y

by Betsy V ..I love how she divide the planner

:- IDEA - stamping around the pages

5. What to put inside ? http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1179238&z=y&f=n

6. This is cool http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1067216&f=n by Caro ki scrape

7.by chalkaholic http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1247293# love how she used a different size of paper but keeps the same design.

A very good article from AEzine...

.......and I love to share it with all my readers (if u haven't visit her blog please do so and I promise you wont regret) http://aliedwards.typepad.com/

capture life + create art issue twenty five
November 21, 2007

What projects are on your creative list this holiday season? Are you overwhelmed already? There seems to be a fine balance between enjoying the opportunities for creativity and totally going overboard and ending up exhausted and frustrated. Read below for my top five tips for holiday craft sanity. Also, check out what holiday crafts I have been up to by following the links to the right. Also in this issue, my new book came out this past month and I have been receiving some great comments and questions through email. This week I want to take some time and address a few of these in an extended question + answer section. Enjoy, Ali

AE TOP 5 TIPS for Holiday Craft Sanity

1. Plan ahead + don't try to do it all at once. Most of the projects I have been working on for the holidays have been put together in a series of simple steps. Break the steps down into manageable tasks. Step one is always planning ahead - this includes making a supply list. Step two may be making a trip to your local craft store for supplies or shopping online. Step three is beginning the project. Often times I will do one thing each day - such as painting - and then the next night I will tackle the next piece of the project. Don't feel like you need to do it all in one sitting or all on one day - stretching it out a bit makes it manageable and lends a certain creative festivity to the season.

2. Gather up all your holiday supplies and store them together. In general I store products by manufacturer with the exception of my Christmas supplies. Christmas supplies are stored all together in a separate container that makes them easily accessible from year to year and when I find myself in the mood to create with my holiday stash.

3. Dedicate a small area to holiday crafts. Whether this is a corner in your bedroom, your dining room, or a corner of your scrapbooking room, clear out a little area just for holiday crafts. A designated space makes it easy to pop over there, do a little of this and a little of that, and then move on to other things you have going on at home. If you have little kids running around you may want to consider some sort of storage that allows for easy in and out (so you can store it quickly and safely away from little fingers if necessary). Right now I am using a portion of my dining room table and a corner of my dining room floor (supplies are kept in baskets on the floor and in a chest of drawers that sits in our dining room).

4. Don't try to do everything. Seriously. Pick a couple projects you want to put together and go for it but don't feel like you have to do every cool thing you see online or in magazines. If you see something you like, print it out or rip it out and add it to a holiday inspiration notebook (love Molly Irwin's example here). Do as much as you feel like and no more. When you feel like you are getting overwhelmed or going overboard, take a step back and a look at your overall holiday experience and priorities.

5. Make sure to enjoy the season. This time of year only comes around once - don't miss it by being too busy making stuff. Enjoy it. Savor it. If you don't feel like doing any crafty stuff then don't - and feel absolutely no guilt. Just because you are creative doesn't mean you have to make homemade gifts for everyone in your neighborhood. Focus on what this season means to you and your family rather than being bound to other expectations.

22 November 2007

21 November 2007

How many new friends....

have you meet since involve in this hobby? Let me know...as I believe yours are more than me .....

She always make my day

I received another package from Desi, love all those goodies. I plan to use

it for Ireen's 8th birthday.
Love this idea from 2peas

Cherish All Your Happy Moments

Credit to Melanie Ann Design "Chocoberry Creme"

- Saja gatal tangan buat digi.

19 November 2007

Online Crop

Venue : http://lovescrap.8.forumer.com
Date : 23rd November
Time : 10pm

Semua dijemput...mari-mari kita belajar dengan Yatie.
Info dari Yatie seperti berikut

Ok murid, tajuk online crop kita hari ini ialah Stamping & Masking

Barang2 tak banyak. Cuma perlu
1. Gambar 2 keping (kalau buat LO 8x8 macam yatie, 1 keping pun dah cukup)
2. Cardstock 1 keping
3. 3 Rubber/clear/foam stamps (kalau boleh berlainan size. apa2 corak pun ok.. tapi bunga paling senang)
4. Ink pad (sama ada semua corak guna satu kaler atau lain2 kaler)
5. Extra cardstock (manila card/kertas biasa pun tak apa. cuma nak guna utk masking)
6. Embellishment
7. Tools (asas eg. scissors, adhesive etc) Ok, tu saja.

Rugi sapa tak join sebab ia PERCUMA!

17 November 2007

Pattern Paper paling murah

Mana nak cari beb 10 keping RM10 jek..... dah kebas the whole set utk diri sendiri lol.

Kepada kengkawan yang tak banyak budget tapi masih nak scrap bolehla pergi beli kat sini.

15 November 2007

Heritage photo ...

of my parents. Edited by my buddy Izani Aziz. Gambar ni sebenarnya dah rosak teruk...tapi teknologi canggih kan ada.....

10 November 2007

Mini book measurement

Ukuran untuk mini-book-cover

1. 2 keping 1 1/8" x 5 1/2"
2. 2 keping 7 7/8"x5 1/2"
Untuk cover album

Untuk ukuran page dlm ialah 8 15/16"x5"

08 November 2007

Thank you Jelly & Gucci

Seronok bila ada kengkawan yang kongsi minat yang sama.
Pagi tadi pergi mini crop ngan kengkawan, he he kongsi pendapat & cerita pasal dunia scrapbook.
Amazing experiance. Best! Thank you.

ps - sedapnya nasi lemak....

07 November 2007

Lovescrap November Challenge

Challenge bulan ini dari Yatie, boleh lawat di sini
Bulan ni layout sesuai betul dengan sesape yg suka sangat berjimat....

create layout without pattern paper....

this is mine....sekejap je buat ni sesuai sangatla untuk busy person.

04 November 2007

Challenge no.2

Logo dari Jenni Bowlin.... Cantik color combo dan segala-galanya.
Cuba buat layout dari logo ni.

Challenge no.1 by Donna

Kepada sesiapa nak cuba silakan.

Pilih hanya satu dari group berikut:-


1. all cs

2. all pp

3. one cs and 3 pp


1. brads

2. eyelets


1. ribbon

2. fibres


1. buttons

2. flowers


1. photo corners

2. photo turns


1. chipboard

2. ghost shapes


this it for you title

1. alpha stickers

2. alpha rubons

Hasilnya : -

GROUP A: All cs

GROUP B: brad

GROUP C: ribbon

GROUP D: flowers

GROUP E: photo turns

GROUP F: chipboard

GROUP G: alpha stickers

1st look

Kedai Lovescrap....

02 November 2007

Lovescrap store

Kepada sesiapa yang cari barang-barang scrapbook bolehla jengok ke http://lovescrap.vstore.ca/ ada ramai contributer utk store tu.

to scrap list

Aku & beberapa kengkawan dah setuju nak buat benda2 ni sepanjang bulan November nih...tak sure la dapat siapkan atau tidak. Sesape yg teringin nak join dipersilakan...nak share korang punya finish lo pun boleh...email jek kat aku nanti aku publish kat blog ni atau dekat forum...tak nak share pun takpe maklumlah reader blog ni ramai pemalu even nak say hi.....takpe aku paham.

1. Abc's of scrapbooking
(total 31 layout)

2. Ubah style scrapbook
- kalau selalu asyik guna style yang sama kali ni cuba style yang berbeza
- guna warna yg tak pernah digunakan

3. Use different edge
- 1 straight edge
- 1 torn edge
- 1 scalloped or patterned edge
and any other kind of edge you can think of!

4. Scraplift layout yang korang suka

5. Dress up ... foam letters/shapes, felt, vinyl, cardstock stickers.
(painted, covered in pp, rub ons (vinyl or CS stickers), stamping, stitching, beads, ink, buttons, bling, ribbon, fibers, magic mesh, flowers, glitter, stickles, punchies, fabric.)

6. Guna hanya pattern paper & cardstock dalam layout dah ink, pen, marker saja ...benda2 lain tak boleh....


oh lupa satu lagi

7. Calender

01 November 2007

Mak aiii!

Berhabuknya rumah...baru jek aku tinggal beberapa hari (konon)
Sibuk sangat kat sini dan sinun .

Ngan open house lagik, tak banyak mana pun cuma kalau dah pergi satu tempat tu berjam2 lamanya.

Ok untuk hari ni nak share color combo la pulak...cuba tengok warna ni...agak2 cantik tak?

Nampak tak cantik la since ni draft jek, tapi cuba la korang guna warna ni dalam layout. Blue+Green+Pink. Aku lum cuba lagik ingat nak buat malam ni itupun kalau sini dan sinun tak kisah.... Sesuai untuk scrap something yg light, bright & fun....dan pada aku sesuai untuk page kanak2 dan korang boleh adjust the color tone utk match ngan whole lo...

Hari tu member aku cakap since aku x reti nak explain apa style aku, katanya aku suka pakai bold & vibrant color...ye la kot....

ps - aku ni conflict identity since aku x berapa biasa ngan blog...kejap aku kejap ida kejap {i} ...korang jgn pening sudahla......