28 October 2009


I bought this...but why I dont feel excited anymore.
I love this..but maybe I dont have time to play with it
This I waiting for so long
I should do something bout this...

This what I call my Mr D

23 October 2009

Bandung Soda

One of my fav drinks during Ramadhan.
Found this recipe somewhere ....

10ml susu pekat manis
10ml aiskrim soda
10ml air suam
1 sude teh pewarna ros

- bancuh susu + air soda + air suam
- tarik hingga berbuih
- masukkan ais
- campur pewarna ros diatasnya

22 October 2009

Print online

http://www.eoe.com.my offering special print promotions
4R print @ RM0.30 each
5R print @ RM0.50 each
No additional charges
No minimum quantity
Free delivery for orders
RM35.00 and above

Why wait...I dont want to wait any longer...a ton of photos to process....woohoooo

21 October 2009

how bout

Im thinking to do something bout this blog, I havent scrap much lately but I do a lot of other things. Might update here as well.... might change the language as well...maybe just mix the languange and topic and do what so ever I like....still thinking...

Rasanya confirm jela tukar jela apa2 yg patut dalam ni...aku tak kisahla...dari biar blog ni bersawang...baik aku update apa2 aje....