25 January 2012

CSI : Case File 03

  • I'm stuck with this case. It took me a few days before I manage to solve it.
  • It all started when I just color the scheme using pencil color into my memo pad. From there I just let the color sit and one night I remember I took a picture of Irees ,with pink dress and flowery hat. As usual I just add wording into the photo. I love wording photo   
  • Next I just grab my pattern paper according color scheme and start jotting down what the CSI want for this case (refer above evidence & testimony)
  • While I'm working with the page (with Twilight OST background music – shh this is secret of my mojo) I try to cross one by one the evidence & testimony.
  • Though I can’t complete all the evidence & testimony but I think I get it close….
  • Without further ado, here is my take. A story about my little one ‘waiting with pleasure’, with a pack of Twisties, she running around the hotel lobby while waiting for daddy to check out. I just try to create scene to mimic her imagination as little kid.

  • I feel like watching UP
If you want more, here are some details :-
Circles element (balloons) + heart +   splatter of white acrylic + hand drawn
How about some window treatment with an owl + heart = I just love how these elements blend together.
The tag = leftover circles from my office punch + doily print (I just trace the edge) + stamp + fussy cutting pp
Combination of rub on + hand drawn into gold metallic element. Just because I’m running out of rub on.
Want to keep a secret ? Try out this hidden tips by my Miss Doily :D
For this page I didn’t want to hide much…it more like peek a boo……
csi3c csi3d
More circles element (brads + circles colored with copic )
Thanks for looking and thanks to CSI for another wonderful challenge.

24 January 2012

Postcard by Emila Yusof

Who not falling in love with this beautiful original hand drawn by Malaysian talented artist Emila Yusof. Thanks for the oppurtunity to exchange with you. I love her style (can you see behind the postcard is my mojo board full of her creations wink wink) and for this card she used line drawing and watercolor. She put attention on every details and not to much if I say this card is PERFECT.

23 January 2012

How I store my paper?

From pile (during scrap) to magazine rack. I used office file sorter in between.

17 January 2012

Me + You

  • for our album. 
  • One day when we both old and bored...we will open up this page and treasure our love.

16 January 2012

Postcard exchange

Take a peek of postcard I made for Emila Yusof. I hope she like it. It was minimal mixed media and I used a lot of stamping n ink. Hope she will like it.

Milestone Layout

  • continue recording back the milestone for my kids
  • one of the page (hoping more to come....)
  • Hoping I have more time to add some details.
  • But the story has been told – my job is finish. Someday Irees will read it and I’ll happy enough.
Some details.
Pic + doily = LOVE
Some bit and pieces from stash.
Negative banner used as duplicate….

15 January 2012

CSI : Case File 02


When I saw the scene I knew Im going to be crazy bout the background but but but….I dont have the luxury called TIME. If I have a lot of spare time…

So here is my take….very simple page and a little bit naughty playing fool for this layout….trying to experiment things.

  • My current love affair with doily.
  • Obsession to use the acrylic before it dry out
  • Use my stash to max ( save $ for travel) wink wink
  • handmade foam stamp ( all those dots)


2 be me

Some of details ….messy details :P

dd DSC_8434 DSC_8435

13 January 2012

Yummy Recipe

* Coconut Lime Chicken with Chiles. 
So funny when I taught I have stock up the curry powder....but NO.
I was cooking and just about to put the curry powder ...I search hi and lo. NO No...
So.....here come the turmeric powder. 
The taste still good but I really want to try the curry powder.
Thanks to Meal Planning for a wonderful recipe.

Check out the recipe here HERE

12 January 2012

CSI : Case File 01

  • I stumble into CSI website during googling a few days ago. Its a new website with a new twist. Not only the color but a lot of other technique into one challenge. Does it sound bonus?
  • Come and investigate the case


What a creative way to handle such challenge. Good job to Debbi Tehrani and the team.


Here is my take for above challenge..the only thing I didn’t put is pins. I dont have it :(


The stamp is green but it look blue in picture :(travel

Some of details

I made these stamp from rubber and use for journaling. Love it. The love and button as bow. Repeated stamp for photo mat as background. Dolie as lace element. Numbering journaling.

DSC_8427 copy

This cloud from LOVE rubber stamp ( I made it) 3d effect. Misting the background with green. 


Clear view




Title on photo…



3rd stamp I made for this project is this banner… now I need to stock up more rubber…


Such a great challenge and cant wait for next…….

08 January 2012

Project Life 2012- Week 1

  • This asthma is never kind to me. Till today I had to take 3 times nebulizer. No ice, no hot and oily food. I took honey and lemon. Oh please go away.
  • I took a lot of pictures, oh yes I do but sometimes I feel guilty those pictures is not properly store, display and tell a story behind it.
  • So I came out with simple solution, why not join Project Life? But too bad the products is not avail in KL and I don’t want to spent much money for the project I not seeing if I can complete.
  • For a trial basis I came out with an idea of digital pages. I will review how this system go and see if I can catch up for the whole year. At the end of the year I can order photobook for this project.
  • Believe me, I have a lot of abandon /unfinished projects :(
  • Here is my week 1 page for Project Life 2012
  • Credit : Misty Cato, Bannerwoman, Alangpap by 2peas. PLW1

03 January 2012


  • is running pretty fast
  • i dont think after I starting work I can be this active
  • i should run today…but scared of my asthma…


Two pages for wonderful challenge in SNC.

double cuteness

i believe in love

02 January 2012


  • finish my first layout for 2012
  • yeah its not easy though after slack so many time
  • today im having a very bad asthma but this scrapbook really a good therapeutic (im lie..only after neb and med)
  • the kids are growing so fast…Ireen in high school this year. Little Irees getting chatty and chubby. Im happy.
  • work? mmmm

Without further rambling check out my lo for skrap n chat challenge by Stazy.


Us inside the lift during our last trip to Terengganu. Just having fun with mirror.


I keep the rub on too long and it wont work anymore. Cut and paste to resolve the problem rather this little word went tu dustbin.


01 January 2012


I start this year with my page of 2012. Nothing fancy and it messy. Just 15 minutes time I have for my own.
Hoping I can update my version Project Life regularly....

Hello 2012....bye bye 1